Hiram Kincade

Personal Assistant to Irene Ward


Hiram Kincade is the person who manages Irene’s life. He takes general care of her, sees to her needs, and is the voice in her ear when she’s Fury.

Hiram recruited Irene from Eastern Europe, brought her back to the US and helped her take on the role of Fury. When Irene was hurt in the accident that gave her amnesia he was the one who arranged the cover up of her secret and contacted the others to have them try and help her cope once she recovered.

Hiram is responsible for maintaining all of Irene’s equipment, developing new hardware, and patching her up when she comes home busted up. He’s a man of eclectic talents and knowledge with a taste in music to match.

His past is as shrouded in mystery as Irene’s. He served as the Personal Assistant to the woman who previously held the mantle of Fury, but where he came from before that is a bit shady.

Hiram Kincade

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