Straw Man

Back in the hey-day of the Masks in Crescent City organized crime was their most popular target. As a means of dealing with Masks and minimizing the damage each organized crime family chose a Straw Man. The Straw Man’s job was to meet face to face with the Masks and help negotiate truces, and when needed convey messages to the higher ups in the family. When a Mask was after a particular member of the organization the Straw Man would often broker the deal, “The family is willing to make sure the person you are hunting is made available to you, in exchange for your leaving the 5th Street Casino alone for the next three months.”

The Straw Man was usually chosen by drawing straws, short straws got stuck with the job. The pool of candidates were any newly Made Men. The job was dangerous, as it usually meant meeting Masks on their terms, alone. It was a hard job, since betraying either side could cost you your life. As the years went by Straw Man became a prestigious position, and commanded a great deal of respect as the men who held the positions for any length of time were generally thought of as fearless, since they routinely faced Masks of all stripes on a nearly daily basis.

The organizations often kept the Straw Man well informed to limit the time it took them to find something out and sometimes they were given considerable latitude to negotiate with the Masks so long as the larger operations continued.

The position became mostly honorary after the Masks began to retire. A few of the more traditional families maintain one, and these men often negotiate truces between the families themselves or arrange for high level meetings between organized crime groups.

Straw Man

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