Honorabe Mention - NPCs

Detective Felix Rouse – CCPd Property Crimes Division. Friend of Claire’s.

Dr. Alice Snatiago – Volunteer doctor at the 14th St. Free Clinic.

Dr. Dix – William Dix is a shrink who specializes in trauma.

Dr. Jessie Flower – Head doctor at the 14th St. Free Clinic.

Julia Fang – Writer, Art History and classical literature. girlfriend of Claire

Luther Jerome – Janitor at the 14th St. Free Clinic.

Marie Fontaine – Claire’s lady maid. She’s really Claire’s handler for the Order.

Rick Lawson – Works for Toku. Tech-Head.

Richard Dick Bigsby – A dealer in Fine Merchandise. Liesur suit, discod jewelry and white loafers.

Roger Dent – Head of ecurity for Kiyomizu Aviation.

Sevena DeVeene – Costume and makeup artist. Friend of Michele.

The Tuxedo – Vigilante. Close personal friend of the former Hunstman.

Honorabe Mention - NPCs

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