Legacies: Heroic Destinies


The Black Skull was escorted to the center of the work area and offered a chair and something to drink. A few minutes later the Jester came into the space, wiping grease from his hands, “Any luck finding the code book?” he asked.

“Not yet. But I have a list of clues I’m working from. Have you finished the model?” he asked the clown villain.

“Oh yes.” the Jester said, opening the fridge he pulls out a sheet pan, carrying it to the table and setting it down. “It’s made out of chocolate, but you get the general idea.” he says.

“You think this is funny?” the Black Skull says, rising slowly, “You think I’m paying you to make a chocolate confection?”

“You’re paying me to make this device. Which I can only make guesses about until I get the code book, or my software finishes crunching the numbers to decode the blue prints. And then there is the matter of the core material, which I’m going to guess from your surely manner you don’t have either.”

The Black Skull nodded, “You’re right. I’m sorry to have seemed ungrateful for your efforts.”

The Jester put a hand on his companions shoulder, “I do have good news though. Based on the color blue prints, and some twenty-first century computing power,” he moves to open his hands to draw attention to the chocolate model, “This is the smallest the device can be.”

The Black Skull looked at the chocolate three dimensional model more closely. “How much of the core material would you say this size would need?”

“A little over an ounce.” he says, pointing to the central structure of the device, “In here.” he says, lifting the top off the sphere revealing a core of marshmallow fluff. “The wires are Red Vines.” he adds.

The Black Skull dips his finger into the core, scooping out a portion and then eating it. “Delicious.” he says, “And your other project, how is that going?”

The Jester’s eyes light up, “You must come see.” he says with the excitement of a child as he bounds to another area of the warehouse. There, painted in garish colors, sat a car. One would immediately think Clown Car when they saw it. “It’s almost finished. Soon, I’ll have my very own side-kick just like Luminary!”

“Sidekick? I didn’t realize Luminary had a sidekick.” The Black Skull said wiping the last of the marshmallow fluff from his gloved hand.

“That armored buffoon that was there the day of the museum robbery.” he says with a sneer.

“Oh, you mean Defender.” The Black Skull says with a nod, “I hadn’t realized he was her side kick.”

“Well naturally, you didn’t think he was some sort of super hero did you?”

“I hadn’t given it much thought.” The black Skull said, considering the idea as he began to leave. “I’ll keep you informed on my progress. How long before you plan to take your revenge on Luminary?”

“Soon, very very soon. And her metal sidekick too!”

“Of course. Do be careful.” the Black Skull says with a wave as they leave the Jester to finish his work.


The van pulled off the street into an industrial park and then slipped into a warehouse. The loading door closed and the van’s passengers exited. The man in the County Jail jump suit looked around, seeing the other occupants dressed in their colorful elf costumes and carrying Candy-Can Machine Guns. His gaze settled on the man in the charcoal gray suit with the hideous black skull mask. The Jester skipped over to where the well dressed man stood, bowing deeply, “And to what do you owe the honor of my presence?” he says, coming up to look into the hollow sockets of the skull where eyes might be.

“I was told that you were an engineering genius. I am in need of one.” The Black Skull said, spreading some blue prints out onto a small table. “I need someone to build this for me. Are you up to the task?”

The Jester looked over the diagrams, running his fingers along the lines and figures. “Do you have the original these copies were made from?” he asks, his attention still focused on the diagrams.

“I do.” The Black Skulls said, “Why?”

“These numbers.” The Jester says, indicating some figures scrawled on the diagrams, “Are they in color on the original?”

“They are.”

“Are they in multiple colors?”

“They are.”

“Then you only have half of what you need. These look like World War Two era mimeographs of blue prints. The engineers that put these together didn’t want someone to be able to build this from the blue prints alone. There is probably an engineers notebook that is also the code book. Do you have that?”

The Black Skull’s mouth twisted into a grimace, “No. But you have been the first engineer I’ve shown these two that suggested such a thing.”

“Then you’ve been showing them to idiots.” The Jester says with a smile, “It’s a good thing you finally brought me to them, otherwise you’d have kept on killing engineers to no avail.”

“Indeed. Without this code book, if it even exists, would you be able to build the device?”

“With the code book even one of the dolts you had to kill could have made it. I’m guessing these figures are code. Some colors refer to dimensions, some to materials. The figures themselves are coded, but if it is a World War Two era code, then it’s possible we might be able to decode that part with time and software. I can certainly build a three dimensional model of the device now, perhaps out of chocolate if that were your wish, to any scale you might enjoy. But for it to actually do what it’s meant to do, we will need precise information. For that, we will need time, or the code book.”

The Black Skull nods, “I will conduct a search for the code book. In the meantime, I will get you color copies of the diagrams. I will leave the software and decoding up to you. I will pay you for your time and effort.”

“But will it be fun?” The Jester asks.

“No, it will be serious business. But we mustn’t deprive you of fun. All work and no play makes the Jester just another criminal mastermind. I ask only that you tell me of any schemes before you put them into play. I want to make sure to have a good seat from which to watch the hilarity.”

The Jester grins, “I like the elf costumes and the candy cane guns. It was a nice touch, very in with the season.”

“I tried to think like you might think. I’m sure I fell short, but it was fun to try.”

“And that’s the point isn’t it? Fun.”

“And toys. Let’s not forget about the toys.”

Both men laugh.

My Dance Card

She glides into the room, and many heads turn. Some to see the new face. Some turn to see the shimmering jewelry that adorns her. some turn to catch a glimpse of her exquisite leg peek out of the side slit on her gown as she strides.

“You look almost as though you belong here.” he says to her boldly, extending a glass of champagne.

She accepts the glass, a smile and upturned eyebrow, “That is the statement of a man who thinks he knows me.” she says, her voice almost as melodious as her walk is seductive.

“I know that you’re Medusa. And you’ve stayed in Crescent City longer than anyone expected. Which means there is something here that interests you. And I think what interests you might be interesting to me as well.”

“Do go on. So far I’m enjoying the champagne.” she says, taking a slow sip and watching the handsome man over the rim of the glass.

“I am known by many names here. Allow me to introduce myself as the Black Skull.” He raises his glass to her and takes a sip.

“Rumors of your frightening face have been exaggerated.” she says, “To what do I owe the honor of your introduction?”

“Masks, we all have them.” he says, looking around the room and moving closer to her, “I am in the process of laying the foundation for an enterprise. I’d be interested in knowing why you’ve chosen to stay here. I’d hate to think we might be after the same thing. Persons such as ourselves should try never to cross paths unless it’s on friendly terms.”

She nods, “I met someone. An old friend. I am hoping to spend a little more time in the city to get reacquainted with her. Her and I were very close. she’s going through a terribly hard time, I want to be there for her.”

His eyebrow raises now. “So it’s not for work?”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll be working. It might be the only way to draw her out. I don’t have her number yet.”

He nods, “Draw her out. So she’s one of our stalwart defenders then. Perhaps I can offer some assistance in that matter. Which one?”

“Fury.” she says, and the conversation changes almost immediately…..

Birthday Gift

“Irina, I have a birthday gift for you.” Jared said, his Serbian well practiced.

“Is it a pony?” the young girl asks excitedly.

“No, it is not a pony. It’s a bear.” he says, setting the tissue paper wrapped parcel on the floor between them. Irina’s eyes light up and she tackles the package, tearing at the wrapping. soon she has the bear free from the tissue paper and is hugging it.

“It is a very lovely bear Jared.” she says, running from the room, “Momma, momma, Jared has brought me a fine bear.”

“You are so very good to her”, Slavka Atanasijević said from behind Jared. “You have lost family of your own, have you not?”

Jared stood up and turned to face the man with a smile, “Haven’t we all?” he asked, touching the other man’s shoulder before walking back to the garage next door where he lived and worked.

Slavka nodded, saying softly to himself, “We have indeed.”

Cupid in Custody

Trent Phelps, local bartender, is currently being held without bail in the killings of three people. Known in the media as Cupid, the killer used a bow and arrow to slay his victims. Police investigators have reason to believe that Phelps was acting out of some sense of vengeance on behalf of persons who he interacted with in his work as a bartender.

It’s being rumored that Phelps will probably resort to an insanity defense, with sources stating that in his initial police interview he stated, “Well of course I’m insane. What sort of a sane person dressed like this and runs around shooting people with a bow and arrow?”

Test # 12

Sustaining the energy field has become easier, but speed fluctuations still cause rapid bubble collapse. Compensation algorithms have made re-establishing the bubble almost instantaneous, but test data suggests that wave fronts form from the collapse which might cause surrounding persons to be shunted from their local dimension to neighboring ones. In cases where dimensional lines and time/event lines cross it seems that persons are swapping from one dimension to another. This phenomena has occurred on a limited number of occasions to date. It should be considered scientifically relevant, but the full significance is not known.

The last test had one interesting data point. It seems that at the moment of a collapse a high energy source was detected in proximity, then vanished. Possibly some sort of drone aircraft or other experimental vehicle which was shunted to an alternate dimension when the field briefly collapsed.

Justice Seeker - 20121007

I see the filth of the city, masquerading as it’s benefactors. They dress in nice cloths and they drive nice cars, but they’re filth. They deal in filth. I have watched them, and learned their ways. soon I will strike at the heart of their evil and corruption.

Fury Said To A Mouse
A citizen's arrest, an exploding thief, and a face in the mirror.

In the mornings Hiram watches the news, and this morning the lady on the news said Joseph had killed a lady. I asked Hiram what a prostitute was. He told me. I didn’t know why Joseph would kill a lady, so I went out to find him. He was standing in the alley where the lady was killed, so I waited until his friends were gone, and then I arrested him. He said he hadn’t done it, so I let him go. Then he went to the police station anyway, and he wouldn’t take me.

I could get in there if I wanted. I’ll go someday and bring something back to show Joe.

When Joseph went to the police station, Toku needed help. I flew there, and we fought with a man in a suit like Toku’s. The man was faster than Toku, so I tried to put a tracker on him before he flew away. But then he blew up. I didn’t do it.

Claire thought we could look for the person who’s killing ladies who isn’t Joseph, but she wanted to dress up. I didn’t know what to wear, so I talked to Michel. Michel knows a lot about ladies. He took me to Serena, who decides what people should wear. She decided what I should wear, but when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t like what I–

Dollar-store fishnets, plastic jewelry, scarlet lips. I swore, when I left Moscow, I would never again allow–

–saw. She has an angry face, a hard and angry face. She doesn’t like me.

Justice Seeker

The nights grow colder, but the fire of justice keeps me warm. I stalk the night, hunting. My prey are those who would harm the innocent. I see them, track their movements. I learn what darkness lurks in their hearts. So that I can stop them.

Fury Said To A Mouse
Social responsibility

Hiram and Claire taught me something about social responsibility today. It is not okay to take things from people, but it is okay to ask them for things. I asked Toku for money to build a playground, and he said yes, so now I have to build it. I think I’d like to put it where everyone can use it. I don’t know where that is.

Hiram and I made bears for everybody, but I haven’t given Joseph his bear yet. I wonder what he’s doing and if he knows where a good place for a playground would be.

I wonder if Toku would give me some money for the place where Leticia and Judd eat. It’s a big dark building that always smells like stew, and if you go in, they feed you and give you somewhere to sleep. A lot of people in there are sick. Why do some sick people go to the hospital and some go to the stew place? Why do I live with Hiram in the big house? Why does Toku have a whole cliff to himself?

Sometimes thinking about stuff makes me sad, so I go to the gymnasium and play. I have a lot of toys. Some of them are really Fury’s toys, but she can’t use them anymore because she has to sit in her chair. I like my toys better. I have ribbons and hoops and things to climb and walk on and jump off of.

But I don’t have anyone to play with.


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