Legacies: Heroic Destinies

Huntsman Journal - 20120818

An eventful evening at the concert. The performance was time well spent. I was able to listen to the depositions and take notes with my portable keyboard.

The reception afterward gave me the opportunity to mingle and check up on who’s doing what to whom. I noticed Kincade let her charge out for the evening, the first time Ward has been out in public since the accident.

She’s still seems unstable, although her kleptomaniac tendencies did provide me with a couple of not-to-be-missed opportunities. I was able to place a small bug in DeWitt‘s watch after she stole it and I convinced her to put it back. She then returned with the man’s business card case, which contained a worn card to a long-defunct gentleman’s club.

My gut told me to follow up on that. Ward decided to tag along, and I figured I might as well invite the rest of the hero set to come along, if only to help baby-sit her. I honestly don’t know which version of Fury is worse, the queen bitch or this new one. She’s like a toddler with a loaded gun. Hopefully she won’t get anyone killed before she straightens out.

I stopped by the warehouse to “dress for success”, as Ezra likes to put it. Seems this was a phrase Roger was prone to use. I’m not sure if Ezra uses it to honor his fallen employer, or remind me of my position as replacement.

In any case, the expedition to the Pleasure Pagoda was not as fruitful as I’d hoped. It’s obvious the place has been used recently as some sort of meeting place, based on the new padlock on the back door and the scuffed dust, but no clue as to what it might have been about. I tried to make it look like the break-in might have been from scavengers, but thought placing a bug there too risky.

I need to tell Ezra to remind me to add this area to my patrol route. I also need to have him look up DeWitt’s recent real estate deals and any other financial activity. There’s something going on, I can feel it.

Fury Said To A Mouse
A concert, a party, a pleasure pagoda.

Hiram says I’ve been awake for one month now and it’s time to leave the house and show everyone I’m not dead.

I went to a concert. Michel has a fast car, and his mother gave him a girl’s name to toughen him up, but it didn’t work. The music was wonderful, but after a while it was boring. We left and drove around some more. And then we came back because Michel said it would make Claire happy. Then we left again.

When we came back, there were balloons but no cake. Claire wanted my brooch, so I gave it to her. Is that a birthday gift? I should have wrapped it. Joseph wanted the cufflinks I brought him, but he didn’t pop his balloon. We played a game. I put back the cufflinks and brought him a watch. I put back the watch and brought him something called a card case. It had directions to a pleasure pagoda.

We went because we thought it would be pleasant, but it wasn’t. It was dirty, and there were no balloons.


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