Walter Paisley

Book store owner and confirmed non-believer.


“This isn’t the public library sister, if you’re not buying it stop fiddling with it.” said to an actual nun.

Walter Paisley is a hard working man who runs Books the unimaginative name of a bookstore in the business district of Crescent City. The store is a mix of new and old, with a large selection of books and novelty items, including the Vampire Slayer’s Kit which retails for $79.99 + Tax.

Walter is a non-beliver, “I just sell books, I don’t have time to believe in this crap." That being said, he’s one of the foremost authorities on the occult, the bizarre, and the unexplained. But that doesn’t mean he puts any stock in it.

Walter has a wide array of novelty items in the store, but a keen eyed observer would be able to point out that less than a quarter of those novelty items are of a silly or useless comical variety. The Vampire Slayer’s Kit for example contains wooden stakes, a mallet, three vials to hold Holy Water, several religions pendents and a small mirror all in a solidly constructed wooden box with a carry strap.

Walter Paisley

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