Selene Gray

Owner of Parallax Industries. A dynamic woman who burned her father's version of the company to the ground and made it anew.


The only child of Herbert Gray, the founder of Parallax Industries, Selene grew up with the best of everything. Fine clothing, the best education money could buy. Anything she asked for. She attended the best universities, convincing an educational trust to award a scholarship they had ear marked for her to another student from a less wealthy family.

Selene worked in various non-profits after college. Her father encouraged her work, keeping her out of the family business until he thought she had enough experience to run it properly. When he died of a heart attack in a hotel room with six hookers, it was really no surprise to anyone. The next day, dressed in black, Selene took her place at the head of the company.

The two years following her takeover of the company had it nearly destroyed. She burned out every last ounce of corruption her father had built into the company. Bilking federal DOD contracts, bribing officials, hostile takeovers, the whole nine years. She gave office space in the company headquarters to the SEC, the FBI, and any other federal agency that wanted the good on what her father had been doing. She let them gut the company, but made critical choices that preserved some of the most lucrative contracts, and thus the company.

Now Parallax is a solid DOD contractor, with several civilian projects and numerous joint ventures with other Crescent City companies and a few multinationals.

Selene is single, although there are rumors she had a marriage her father had annulled when she was a freshman in college. she gives to charity, but is not terribly active in the fund-raising arena as she prefers to spend her time working.

She works out three times a week, can be seen swimming at the country club pool almost daily, and has been known to play golf and tennis from time to time. Her real passion though seems to be skiing, which is her primary vacation activity.

Selene Gray

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