Ronald Coltraine

Widower, art gallery owner


Ronald Coltraine is good at making money. He’s always been good at making money. It didn’t make him happy. Rose made him happy. She was an artist, she was his connection to beauty and people and happiness. Then she died.

Ronald finished the Rose Gallery in his wife’s honor. He runs it, he meets artists and arranges shows. He makes money. He misses Rose.

Ron went to university for a time with Michelle, who routinely helps Ron with his problem. Women don’t seem to want to let Ron be. They want to help him heal, to help him move on. To sleep with him. Michelle applies his charms and wit to help Ron get rid of the really clingy ones.

Ron found out Claire was quite an accomplished artist and so approached her about doing a show for the gallery. He has even offered to gasp donate his usual fee to charity.

Ronald Coltraine

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