Paul Coffey

CCPD Homocide Detective, former partner of Joseph Faulkner


Paul Coffey is a long time veteran of the Crescent City PD. He’s a high school graduate, and a graduate of the police academy. He’s got a smattering of college courses in criminal justice and psychology, but no real degree. He’s never really needed one. Paul is a cop, and he’s a good one. Not the smartest, not the toughest, but he’s slow and steady.

Paul is the former partner of Joseph Faulkner (Huntsman) and the two still maintain friendly communications. Paul invites Joe to go bowling or over to the house for his wife’s lasagna once a month or so. Joe has a standing invite to 4th of July cookouts at the Coffey home, and Paul’s wife Christine still tries to set Joe up on the occasional blind date with her friends or co-workers.

When Joe announced he was leaving the CCPD Paul was one of the few people in the department who said he was doing the right thing. “Get out while the getting is good. You don’t have the temperament for this sort of work. When we can’t get one, it eats at you. In this line of work that’ll kill you faster than a bullet.”

Paul has worked in Homicide for five years and has a good record with the department. He is currently assigned a young rookie detective for a partner Efrim Vega.

Paul Coffey

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