Lilith Sternin

The vigilante formerly known as Fury.


A dancer of some skill Lilith was one of the rising stars of the Crescent City Ballet Company. Until something happened to her. Something terrible. She took months to recover, and by the time she could dance again the company had a new rising star. Her recovery was hard, due in part to her fiance leaving her over the incident and the fact that she was no longer the woman he loved. Lilith wasn’t without means, her family had made a fortune in real estate, and that fortune was hers. If she couldn’t dance in the ballet, then she would perform in some other way. Something civic minded. Some sort of charity work. But nothing she tried seemed to give her the satisfaction she craved. Eventually, quite by accident, she found what did give her satisfaction. And Fury was born.

An injury at the hands of a villain has left Lilith in a wheel chair, but she’s the last female he’ll ever hurt. Unfortunately that meant Fury could no longer prowl the streets, so Lilith turned to her loyal associate Hiram Kincade to find a replacement. They thought they had found the perfect replacement in Irene Ward, an identity they arranged for Irina Kavalena, a woman Hiram found in Eastern Europe. But now Irene has been hurt, and her mind isn’t what it once was. Needless to say, Lilith is not pleased.

Lilith Sternin

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