Jared Karmin

Mysterious doesn't begin to describe Jared.


He bumped into Irene at a cupcake store. He said they were old friends. The details didn’t always add up.

He said he lived above a piano teacher that Irene took lessons from in Serbia. He had a picture of Irene when she was about 8, with a man and woman he said were her mother and father. The name he gave for the piano teacher was actually the name of a mechanic and garage owner who lived next door to a famous Serbian pianist. The man in the picture. The woman and the little girl that he says is Irene were not the pianists wife and daughter. The pianists wife died a few years prior to the picture being taken.

Joseph ran Jared’s name and prints. No such person. No record anyway.

When Claire and Joseph confronted Jared about it he told them a crazy story about how he’s a time traveler, from the thirty-seventh century.

Later that night Jared was standing at Huntsman’s car. The hero had been wounded by the criminal archer known as Cupid. Jared had a bag from the pharmacy of supplies and proceeded to close the bleeders and then sew Huntsman’s leg up. The street doc Huntsman usually uses later confirmed the stitch work was top notch. Surgeon quality. After sewing Huntsman up Jared asked for $86.41. Huntsman gave him a Franklin. Good thing too, because six hours earlier Jared needed the other $13.59 for the cab ride to the dinner where Claire and Joseph learned he was a time traveler. He used the $86.41 to pay for dinner and the mini-golf.

Jared Karmin

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