Emilie Delacriox

Matriarch of the Delecriox family, mother of Claire


“I do not consider it old money unless your family got it during a Crusade.”

The woman who is thought of by many as the “Queen Mother” of Crescent City high society is a powerful and dynamic woman who was liberated long before bra burning and Women’s Lib.

Educated in Europe at fine finishing schools, Emilie was the sole daughter of a powerful and wealthy French family that could trace it’s lineage all the way back to God if you asked them to. Possessed of a fiery temper and a sharp mind she made most of her suitors quake in their shoes. On more than one occasion she dismissed a date at the foyer when she did not approve of his choice of jacket. “I refuse to be seen in public with a man dressed so shabbily” was her reported comment.

University life saw Emilie involved in social activism, charitable causes, and brought her into the orbit of Martin Delacroix the man who would, through stubborn dedication to her pursuit, eventually become her husband.

Emilie had thought she would become the heir to the Legacy of the Lumiere, the magical artifact that her Grandmother wore which made her the super heroine Luminary. That turned out not to be the case. The ring was not ready to be passed on, something which hurt Emile very deeply and effected for several years.

When the Lumiere did not come to her, Emilie threw herself into other pursuits. She ended up putting herself into dangerous situations, associating with unpleasant people, and nearly getting herself killed. If it hadn’t been for the presence of her friend Martin Delecriox, she might never have been able to become the woman she is today.

Emilie Delacriox

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