Desmond Caine

Insomniac. Salesman. Fury's side-kick.


Desmond Caine is one of the late night regulars at the diner where Irene often grabs a cup of coffee between ass-kickings as Fury. some sweat pants on over her costume, and she’s not even recognizable. Desmond is, from all appearances, a run down, tired, slow moving blob of humanity. He’s quick witted, and he’s a good listener, because talking to people helps him stay alert, since he can’t sleep alert is all he has.

Engaged to be married to a woman he really doesn’t love, Irene is working on a plan to help him be rid of his fiance, with the help of Michel. What could go wrong?

Desmond is a high-powered advertising executive for a downtown firm. He’s been having trouble sleeping for about the last eight months. He has developed the ability to sleep with his eyes open in micro bursts. When I say developed, I mean it just sort of happens. He still picks up on things said around him, but he seems to completely zone out.

Irene enlisted him to be her investigator on her quest to shut down all the massage parlors that are involved in human trafficking. He goes in, they offer him something extra and if he sees anything that might suggest they are involved in the human trafficking or holding women against their will, he tells Fury. He’s also started telling her to delay her raids by a few days so that no one begins to connect him to Fury. Since that could get him killed.

Desmond Caine

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