Carson DeWitt

Real Estate Developer with subtle connections to the Varone Crime Family


Carson DeWitt is a name synonymous with high rise developments and big money land deals. DeWitt is a self made man, climbing up from near nothing to be one of the wealthiest bachelors in Crescent City.

DeWitt operates a multimillion dollar land management firm in Crescent City. He buys land that’s run down and derelict and develops whole neighborhoods at once. Turning eye sores into busy upscale communities. His work has gotten him praise from the city, and made him some strange friends. It’s fairly well known DeWitt is on bed with the Varone family, mostly through their construction firms. Savvy and intelligent DeWitt pays who needs to be paid, does what needs to be done and doesn’t become obsessed with the bottom line so much that he grinds the little guy under his heel.

DeWitt is a patron of the arts, often seen at social events for charity and the arts. He’s also an ameteur treasure hunter. He’s climbed Everest, and K2. He owns a Formula 1 race car and drives it at least once a season.

Carson DeWitt

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