Angel Monroe

Consulting Wizard


Angel Monro is a well dressed and well spoken man of medium height and build. He seems to check his pocket watch for the time often, and enjoys coffee over tea.

Of English birth the trail of his life is complicated and sometimes dead ends. He served in WWI, where he may or may not have been killed. After the war to end all wars he opened a book store in Hastings, a seaside community, and settled down with his wife. The stresses of the war and the things he saw continued to haunt him, as did other things. He met and became friends with Harry Gandolfini, an Italian immigrant who Angel later learned was a Consulting Wizard based in London.

Angel and Harry worked together on a number of occasions, which may or may not have resulted in Harry being killed in 1923 by what may or may not have been a vampire. Angel began to act as a Consulting Wizard on his own in 1936 after Harry was indeed killed in Spain by what was reported to have been a demon.

Angel relocated to London, where he opened an agency and worked successfully as a Consulting Wizard until the War Office recruited him to work on a secret project for the war. After the war ended Angel went back to his consulting work until a case in the winter of 1963 brought him to the United States. He stayed on afterward, eventually becoming a full time resident of the States. He moved from New Orleans to Crescent City in 2006 where he opened his agency and placed an ad in the Yellow Pages.

Angel lives in an apartment over his office. He’s a fan of public transportation and it’s not known if he owns a car at all or even knows how to drive one. He is a licensed Private Investigator, a requirement of the state, and is licensed to carry a gun. He has a registered gun, a Webley .455 caliber MK. VI revolver.

The Mysterious Angel Monroe seemed to be showing up near Claire. Once at a diner, and once in a park during one of her runs. She stayed nearby to keep an eye on him, and he vanished into thin air. She used her artistic skills to draw a sketch of the man and gave it to Joseph, who was able to use the police facial recognition system to get a match.

Angel is a licensed private detective, and is listed in the Yellow Pages as a Consulting Wizard.

Claire went to see him. They have a dinner date.

Angel Monroe

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