Albert Faulkner

Financier and pillar of the Crescent City community. Father to Joseph Faulkner.


Albert Faulkner is a respected member of the Crescent City business community, and considered by many a friend of the city. Faulkner through various charities is one of the biggest philanthropists among the wealthy of the city, and his name can be seen attached to numerous good causes in the city.

The Faulkner family have been part of the social and financial elite of Crescent City for more than a century. Educated at state college, Albert started his career with Rose Investments as a junior commodities trader. With hard work, savvy investments, and what he calls “More than a little luck.” he was able to become one of the wealthiest men in Crescent City and eventually bought Rose Investments, which later became the heart of Faulkner Consolidated Investments.

Albert Faulkner

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