Legacies: Heroic Destinies


The Black Skull was escorted to the center of the work area and offered a chair and something to drink. A few minutes later the Jester came into the space, wiping grease from his hands, “Any luck finding the code book?” he asked.

“Not yet. But I have a list of clues I’m working from. Have you finished the model?” he asked the clown villain.

“Oh yes.” the Jester said, opening the fridge he pulls out a sheet pan, carrying it to the table and setting it down. “It’s made out of chocolate, but you get the general idea.” he says.

“You think this is funny?” the Black Skull says, rising slowly, “You think I’m paying you to make a chocolate confection?”

“You’re paying me to make this device. Which I can only make guesses about until I get the code book, or my software finishes crunching the numbers to decode the blue prints. And then there is the matter of the core material, which I’m going to guess from your surely manner you don’t have either.”

The Black Skull nodded, “You’re right. I’m sorry to have seemed ungrateful for your efforts.”

The Jester put a hand on his companions shoulder, “I do have good news though. Based on the color blue prints, and some twenty-first century computing power,” he moves to open his hands to draw attention to the chocolate model, “This is the smallest the device can be.”

The Black Skull looked at the chocolate three dimensional model more closely. “How much of the core material would you say this size would need?”

“A little over an ounce.” he says, pointing to the central structure of the device, “In here.” he says, lifting the top off the sphere revealing a core of marshmallow fluff. “The wires are Red Vines.” he adds.

The Black Skull dips his finger into the core, scooping out a portion and then eating it. “Delicious.” he says, “And your other project, how is that going?”

The Jester’s eyes light up, “You must come see.” he says with the excitement of a child as he bounds to another area of the warehouse. There, painted in garish colors, sat a car. One would immediately think Clown Car when they saw it. “It’s almost finished. Soon, I’ll have my very own side-kick just like Luminary!”

“Sidekick? I didn’t realize Luminary had a sidekick.” The Black Skull said wiping the last of the marshmallow fluff from his gloved hand.

“That armored buffoon that was there the day of the museum robbery.” he says with a sneer.

“Oh, you mean Defender.” The Black Skull says with a nod, “I hadn’t realized he was her side kick.”

“Well naturally, you didn’t think he was some sort of super hero did you?”

“I hadn’t given it much thought.” The black Skull said, considering the idea as he began to leave. “I’ll keep you informed on my progress. How long before you plan to take your revenge on Luminary?”

“Soon, very very soon. And her metal sidekick too!”

“Of course. Do be careful.” the Black Skull says with a wave as they leave the Jester to finish his work.



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