Legacies: Heroic Destinies

My Dance Card

She glides into the room, and many heads turn. Some to see the new face. Some turn to see the shimmering jewelry that adorns her. some turn to catch a glimpse of her exquisite leg peek out of the side slit on her gown as she strides.

“You look almost as though you belong here.” he says to her boldly, extending a glass of champagne.

She accepts the glass, a smile and upturned eyebrow, “That is the statement of a man who thinks he knows me.” she says, her voice almost as melodious as her walk is seductive.

“I know that you’re Medusa. And you’ve stayed in Crescent City longer than anyone expected. Which means there is something here that interests you. And I think what interests you might be interesting to me as well.”

“Do go on. So far I’m enjoying the champagne.” she says, taking a slow sip and watching the handsome man over the rim of the glass.

“I am known by many names here. Allow me to introduce myself as the Black Skull.” He raises his glass to her and takes a sip.

“Rumors of your frightening face have been exaggerated.” she says, “To what do I owe the honor of your introduction?”

“Masks, we all have them.” he says, looking around the room and moving closer to her, “I am in the process of laying the foundation for an enterprise. I’d be interested in knowing why you’ve chosen to stay here. I’d hate to think we might be after the same thing. Persons such as ourselves should try never to cross paths unless it’s on friendly terms.”

She nods, “I met someone. An old friend. I am hoping to spend a little more time in the city to get reacquainted with her. Her and I were very close. she’s going through a terribly hard time, I want to be there for her.”

His eyebrow raises now. “So it’s not for work?”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll be working. It might be the only way to draw her out. I don’t have her number yet.”

He nods, “Draw her out. So she’s one of our stalwart defenders then. Perhaps I can offer some assistance in that matter. Which one?”

“Fury.” she says, and the conversation changes almost immediately…..



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