Legacies: Heroic Destinies

Fury Said To A Mouse

A citizen's arrest, an exploding thief, and a face in the mirror.

In the mornings Hiram watches the news, and this morning the lady on the news said Joseph had killed a lady. I asked Hiram what a prostitute was. He told me. I didn’t know why Joseph would kill a lady, so I went out to find him. He was standing in the alley where the lady was killed, so I waited until his friends were gone, and then I arrested him. He said he hadn’t done it, so I let him go. Then he went to the police station anyway, and he wouldn’t take me.

I could get in there if I wanted. I’ll go someday and bring something back to show Joe.

When Joseph went to the police station, Toku needed help. I flew there, and we fought with a man in a suit like Toku’s. The man was faster than Toku, so I tried to put a tracker on him before he flew away. But then he blew up. I didn’t do it.

Claire thought we could look for the person who’s killing ladies who isn’t Joseph, but she wanted to dress up. I didn’t know what to wear, so I talked to Michel. Michel knows a lot about ladies. He took me to Serena, who decides what people should wear. She decided what I should wear, but when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t like what I–

Dollar-store fishnets, plastic jewelry, scarlet lips. I swore, when I left Moscow, I would never again allow–

–saw. She has an angry face, a hard and angry face. She doesn’t like me.



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