Legacies: Heroic Destinies

Fury Said To A Mouse

Social responsibility

Hiram and Claire taught me something about social responsibility today. It is not okay to take things from people, but it is okay to ask them for things. I asked Toku for money to build a playground, and he said yes, so now I have to build it. I think I’d like to put it where everyone can use it. I don’t know where that is.

Hiram and I made bears for everybody, but I haven’t given Joseph his bear yet. I wonder what he’s doing and if he knows where a good place for a playground would be.

I wonder if Toku would give me some money for the place where Leticia and Judd eat. It’s a big dark building that always smells like stew, and if you go in, they feed you and give you somewhere to sleep. A lot of people in there are sick. Why do some sick people go to the hospital and some go to the stew place? Why do I live with Hiram in the big house? Why does Toku have a whole cliff to himself?

Sometimes thinking about stuff makes me sad, so I go to the gymnasium and play. I have a lot of toys. Some of them are really Fury’s toys, but she can’t use them anymore because she has to sit in her chair. I like my toys better. I have ribbons and hoops and things to climb and walk on and jump off of.

But I don’t have anyone to play with.



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